Kidshare has taken the initiative in Kenya to help poor, bright girls go to high school. Many girls are unable to afford high school fees. We started the TOP girls program with 18 very poor girls. We paid their school fees from January 1, 2015 when they went to high school. Every year we want to help a new group of girls on their way. We have supported a total of 48 girls of which 18 went to university in 2019. Our partner in Kenya provides special weekend training and courses for them. These are lessons in leadership, sexuality and personal development. This gives the girls the opportunity to develop into successful women from a disadvantaged position.

TOP-girls program

In Kenya, many girls do not go to high school. Their parents cannot pay the school fees. In poor families it is more common for boys to continue learning. Girls are at risk of becoming pregnant at a young age and some marry at 15. Their children are often malnourished and in poor health. These girls often do not continue learning.
Kidshare wants to change this with the TOP girls program. Literature shows that there are positive effects if girls continue to learn. A few of these:

  • They find it easier to get employment
  • They earn more
  • It is inspiring within their family, on average two more children go to school
  • Girls whose school fees have been paid also invest in the education of others
  • The girls become role models for other girls
  • They get married later in life
  • They have children later in life
  • Their children are healthier and study longer

Kidshare is establishing a foundation with a group of prominent women in Kenya. This foundation aims to support poor, bright girls through learning. When they have finished university, we ask them to contribute to the foundation. In this way we keep the flywheel moving so that disadvantaged girls can lead the way. Literature shows that this is one of the most effective ways to bring about development. The Kenyan foundation will also start fundraising itself and this we support thus helping even more girls.

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