We are committed to giving underprivileged children a future.
Join us and give them a future.

This is Faith.
She is six years old and proud as a peacock.
Faith attended nursery education for three years and just received her diploma.
She learned maths, writing and social skills. She radiates confidence.
Thanks to Kidshare, Faith is ready for the future.

Kidshare is building Child Based Care Centers in Malawi that provide medical care, nutrition and education to toddlers like Faith. There are hardly any Child Based Care Centers in Sub-Saharan Africa, while education at that age is indispensable for healthy development. Therefore, support Kidshare. Give a child a foundation. Give a country a future.

These children live in the village Runga, Uganda. They are happy with our arrival in their remote village. 1500 children live here, there is no school. The nearest school is 6 km away, high in the hills. Kidshare will build a school here. These children are also entitled to a future.
Kidshare builds primary schools in Uganda and Kenya.
There are not enough schools in Uganda. Many children stay at home.
Our plan is to set up a complete school there: nursery and primary school. The population actively participates in construction, the government provides teachers and furniture. Together we are strong. In this way we can build a future for many poor children.

Harriet is happy

Harriet is one of our TOP-girls, girls that we support in their secondary school education and we pay their school fees. Harriet is happy because she passed. She now wants to go to university to study law. Kidshare will also pay her tuition fees. “I come from a very poor family, my mother was abandoned. There was no justice for our family. You know, there is still too much corruption in Kenya. There was no support for our family. I want to do something about it. That’s why I want to study law “Her motivation moves me.” As Kidshare helped me, I want to help other girls when I make money.”

Our impact
Until 1 january 2020 we had a total revenue of € 1.249.343.
With that amount we could do a lot:

  • 39 schools built or under construction
  • 9 water pumps realized
  • 49 girls supported going to high school
  • We now support 18 of these with their studies at the university

Yes, I participate!
I want to give a poor child a better life, a future.

Your gift makes the difference!

€ 5 A child in Malawi can learn and play for a year
€ 10 A child in Kenya has a table and chair in the classroom
€ 50 A child in Malawi has a meal at school for a year
€ 100 A nursery teacher in Malawi receives training
€ 360 A girl in Kenya can go to high school for 1 year
€ 600 A girl in Kenya can go to university for a year
€ 1.000 A Child Based Care Center in Malawi receives solar panels
€ 20.000 A village in Malawi will have its own Child Based Care Center
€ 75.000 A village in Uganda will have a complete school

Bank account Kidshare foundation: NL37 INGB 0004205371, BIC/SWIFT code: INGBNL2A

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